Crescendo International Choir

Inviting all MEN to Music, plus Friendship and Fun


We meet Monday’s in Miguel’s at 5.30  , for Music friendship and fun. Under Irene´s direction, we strive for perfection

‘Cos we think she´s second to none

The first thing we do is scale practice; it’s good for your lungs and heart. Breath control is so vital, for any recital.....

And then we are ready to start

Then we move on to the music, when we all start singing at last. There are songs from the shows that everyone knows

And many a blast from the past

There´s Cohen, Lloyd Webber and Verdi, McCartney and Irving Berlin. There´s Music that swings and traditional things

Toni ´s keyboard helps with the tuning

As well as hard work there’s much laughter, an air of good humour prevails. Though all is fine ---sort of, there’s one thing we’re short of

That is, we do need some more Males

Sometimes we all sing together, in unison now and again. Though singing in parts, is dear to our hearts

But it does show we are lacking in Men

We have hordes of sweet-sounding sopranos and altos are ten for a penny. There are lots of spare places for tenors and basses

Some Mondays we hardly have any

The few we have are outnumbered, a fact that they don’t seem to mind. Don’t misunderstand, they sound simply grand......

We just need some more of their kind

You don’t even need to read music, that’s an excuse you can´t use.` Cos you see, what Irene will do, for a centime or two

Is give you your part on CD

We are short on testosterone, Ladies. So if your man is under your feet why not send him along for a sing and a song?

We can promise he´s in for a treat

We meet at Miguel de Rincón  on Monday 5.30 to 8pm. We always depart, with a song in our heart,

And our step has the spring that you get when you sing from the joy and the pleasure of singing together

Great music, plus friendship and fun